Terrifying Tuesday

okay, okay, there actually wasn’t anything terrifying at all about today, but I had to do something to grab your attention!!!! And now that I have it, on to the life update!

The twin reunion was amazing. I can’t believe I hadn’t seen Brittany (MD mind you!) in over 8 years. It was wonderful catching up with her and honestly felt like no time had really passed between us. She made me a fantastic meal of grilled chicken, baked potato, and my friend Sarah made the salad. And of course there was wine!

    There will definitely be more of this fine lady in my future! Twins united in the dirty south!

Sunday was spent crushing it at the gym with Sarah, followed by a calm Sunday funday, in which I treated myself to a tuna sandwich from Subway. Do not judge; it was a favorite of mine growing up!

  Monday morning started off with a serious cardio session and grocery shopping, considering the fridge was practically empty.

  I spent the remainder of the day doing errands and cleaning before another few days of work. I also started a new workout program, and let me tell you kids, I am getting more and more sore with each passing hour. Yesterday I did the chest/triceps day, complete with a bazillion push ups, and today was back and bis, complete with a bazillion assisted pull ups. Oh and legs. Which I NEVER do. So why in the F are my abs sore? And my forearms? And why does it feel like someone punched me in the back over and over? Oh, right….bazillions of core crushing exercises. Why am I doing such things? :) looks like the old karen is returning with avengence.

And speaking of returns, what about a little return to the old running game? Because that shit is also happening, September 19th to be exact. A little Camp Lejune half marathon never hurt a girl, did it?

Yeah buddy. Time to get this party started. August had better watch out for me, because the fire has been lit and I’m about to burn it up!


Happy Thursday to my favorite blog reading friends! Hope everyone is having a wonderful week. I am on day 3 of 4 in a row….AGAIN! Believe me, working two weeks in a row of 4 in a row was not intentional. But I have a BIG motivator getting me through the week; not only do I have the weekend off, but I get to reunite with my long lost friend Brittany from IC! I cannot wait, it’s been 8 years since I last saw the friend I refer to as my “twin” (too long of a story to explain!). 

She just recently moved to Jacksonville, so I am making the 1.5 hour trek to see her. I promise to take a few photos for you all! This has been quite the summer of reunions for me. I saw Amanda and Kelly in June, my cousin Ginny in July, now Brittany, and my sister comes next month!!!! I am absolutely loving it!

Another thing I have been loving again lately is how good my running has been!!! Yes, it may finally be true that my running is getting back on track. I had a sweaty sweaty SWEATY run on Monday of 3 speedy miles, fastest I’ve seen in a while AND I felt like my old self! That was the best part; it felt easy again. And that is something I haven’t felt in a very long time. Tuesday I had 4 speedier miles on the treadmill, and today I did a treadmill run which consisted of my final mile being at a 7:30 pace!!!! I haven’t seen that speed in ages. Maybe it’s because I ended up ordering my favorite pair of Saucony’s EVER again from Amazon the other day…..we shall have to wait and see!

    Not too much else exciting going on in my world. I did score this awesome find at Target Monday…..

Definitely saved me some leg work in food prep, where has this been all my life? I just popped that bad boy in the microwave for 5 minutes and it was good to go for mashed cauliflower. Much easier than battling the large head! I am a lazy, lazy lady sometimes. And I don’t feel bad about it.

Now, to make it through one more 12 hour shift before a 3 day weekend. And seeing my twin. I can hardly stand it!!!

Trying Again

Another post! Maybe it’s true; she will blog regularly again! Haha, perhaps, but I think we’ve all learned one lesson over the past 5 years; I am a total flake job. And I own it. Actually, I wear it really well! But anyhoo, this IS my attempt at beginning to blog regularly again. This week was rough. I came off of 10 days of vacation to a work week of four twelve hour shifts in a row. But I survived:) And so did the patients!

Today kicked off with some sweating at the obnoxious hour of 4am. Just look at that fake smile!

 Not shockingly, I was the only one there.

  After my alone time with cardio, I headed off to the dark “secret” room to bust out some weights. Sculpting the guns!

  WTF is wrong with me? Then it was off to work with a fancy braid in my new color hair.

  And then I worked hard, came home, and am now ready to crawl into bed on a Saturday night BEFORE 9pm. I remember a time when I used to get ready to go out at 9pm. 33 going on 87. I swear. But, I get to sleep until 630!!!! Then it’s an attempted “longer” run before the sun rises and the heat sets in. The goal is to not hate my life while running and to have minimal walking breaks (maybe none!). All tests of the shoulders of the humidity. So kids, we shall see, won’t we? As for you normal folks, enjoy your Saturday night out! 

Summer Slacker

I have no excuse. None. Zero. Zip. I was on staycation ALL last week. And I did not blog. Not a once! So, I do apologize, and will try my best to get my sorry little behind in blogging gear. As for an update on my life, here it is, and it’s not going to be that long or exciting!

First of all it’s hot. Hot as all heck. I don’t remember it being this hot, or more specifically, humid, in past summers here in Wilmington. I am basically dying with every run, and today I was so epically sweaty I actually took my shoes off at the gym to lift weights because they were literally soaked. Like I had taken them for a swim. Only it was my sweat. And I may secretly hate myself for being so damn sweaty. Sigh.

My staycation was fun, but has since left me feeling like a big fat turd. And I’m sorry for saying that out loud. But it’s true. A little too much on the booze and food. BUT I did get to reconnect with my cousin Ginny, and she and her husband took me out to a super awesome place called the Grumpy Monk in Myrtle Beach. I highly recommend it to any beer lover. And it was just a really great night to catch up and reconnect with family….we learned we had a lot in common, didn’t we Ginny???? Rudeness? Maybe!!!!

The 4th of July also proved to be fun, and I’m sure you are all dying to see my special tank top for the day, so here it is….

 And now I’m back to work on day 2 of a 4 day stretch. Because why not totally torture yourself with 4 days in a row after being off for 10? Seems totally logical, doesn’t it? And now I’ve got to sign off, but promise to get back to my blogging ways (I know I’ve said it before but I mean it this time!) and will update you again soon. Maybe some sweaty photos???? We will have to wait and see!


Hi, my name is Karen and I used to blog way more often than I do lately. Friends! I am SO SORRY for my unexpected absence. I have no excuse for it really, other than I was very busy working and living my life! And despite the fact that it has been over two weeks since we last spoke, I really don’t have much to tell you! Running has been decent, it’s hot as all heck out still and my lazy behind has just been struggling to get out of bed early to beat the rise of the sun. So, the runs have been slow and insanely sweaty. But that’s okay, because I’m running and not feeling like I’m going to have a heart attack, so it’s all good! Oh, and I may or may not have fallen again.

One day I’ll learn to stay on my feet!

Another exciting thing that happened during my short stay away from the blog was a visit from Kelly! It was absolutely fabulous! We had a great day at the beach, and although it was ended prematurely due to some rain, we ended up going to a local beach bar I had heard great things about but had never been to: The Fat Pelican. You basically walk into a giant cooler, pick your beer, and then sit outside and enjoy the beach life (the rain had already stopped). It was awesome! And I was so glad Kelly was there to experience it with me:)


 Then we headed home to get all prettied up before our night on the town!

   Sunday morning we slept in, worked out, and then headed out for a day at beer church! Everyone loves beer church!

          It was a great weekend and I can’t wait for her to visit again:)

And now it’s back to the grind. I have completed two out of four shifts in a row so far this week, but then I am officially off for 10 days! Yes, my summer vacation has arrived! And for the first time in 4 years and since moving to Wilmington, I have the 4th of July off! I am so super excited to see some fire works and enjoy the holiday!

And that kids, is all for now, I just wanted to update you and let you know I was alive and well:)

Oops I Did It Again!

Don’t you just love having a good old Britney Spears song stuck in your head? Well, now I do from this blog title, but felt it was necessary seeing as I went MIA for over a week! I didn’t mean to; my three days of work last week were very busy and tiring, plus I had my nose DEEP into a book!!! Yes, you read that right. I did some pleasure reading, something I haven’t done in quite a while. The read? “Gone Girl”. And it was awesome. I will be renting the movie on my next day off for sure! But that wasn’t the only thing keeping me from my beloved little blog, this little nurse took a trip to NEW YORK CITY! Yes, after having not visited in 4 years, I made my glorious return to reunite with one of my best friends Amanda and to enjoy the city doesn’t sleep! It was an absolutely fantastic weekend.

Friday I arrived around noon and did some sight seeing of the upper east side with Amanda, which is where she lives. We had a late lunch/early bird dinner at a Greek restaurant followed by our usual bar hopping. 

 Saturday morning was my day of excitment as I crossed off a bucket list item: running in Central Park! Amanda lives super close so we walked down to the park where I completed the 6 mile loop, plus one more mile for good measure. I also did some sprint drills on the grass, it was so awesome running in that park. The scenery was beautiful and there were TONS of people; it almost felt like a race having so many people around me as I ran. The sun and pavement were hot but fortunately there was no humidity (unlike here in Wilmington, where we currently have a heat index of over 100!) so the breeze was cooling and the shady areas were refreshing.

      Once the run was over, we showered and headed out for our day. First stop was Chelsea Market. I had never heard of it before, but saw it on the Food Network a month or so ago, and it sounded right up my alley. And it was. Tons of cool little food shops, baked goods, trinkets, you name it, they had it. We spent some time walking around before somehow finding ourselves at the roof top bar for a beer;) 

         That was followed by walking the Highline, where you can see the city below you, which was really cool. And of course I posed for a photo op!

Then it was off to The Blind Tiger, a craft beer bar that I researched before visiting. It was really cool and had tons of awesome beer. But even better than that, on our way to that bar we found the most amazing restaurant…..a place that sells BAGEL BALLS! Yes, bagel balls. I’d call them bites, but they aren’t the crappy bagel bites you find in the freezer section of your local grocery store. These were freshly baked balls of bagel dough filled with all of the delicious goodness yo would ever want ON a bagel….cream cheese, pepperoni, peanut butter and jelly, bacon, egg, you name it, they had it! We got cream cheese filled ones, french toast ones, a pepperoni one, and of course, the PB&J. Which I devoured with my beer.

      Then it was off to our happy hour at a local sushi place with the best deal of all time: try $3 wine, beer, sake, sushi, and appetizers! Yes, you read that correctly. Amanda and I had 4 drinks collectively, 2 appetizers, and 3 sushi rolls, and spent $29!!!!! The food was fantastic and seriously, you can’t beat that deal!

    Off to a few more local bars before heading to Eataly. Located near the Flat Iron building, this place was my heaven. It was a ginoromous gourmet grocery store/multiple restaurants/tasting table areas/roof top bar/full restaurant all wrapped into one big ass building. I was beyond overwhelmed. We walked around for a bit before ending up on the rooftop (dude, I love to drink, I’m sorry!) before calling it a night.

 Last but not least was Sunday, which consisted of meeting up with my former roommate from college, Jenny!!!! I had not seen her in 10 years! But despite that, I managed to recognize her from behind in the bar, and we had the most amazing brunch catching up and reminiscing about old times. We both vowed not to wait another 10 years before seeing each other again!

 And then I headed home, and was sad. Monday consisted mostly of getting my life in order for the work week, laundry, groceries, Sam’s Club, cleaning. Fun things. I did manage to find time for a glass of wine though…..and dinner consisted of the rest of the meatloaf I had made a few weeks back and had frozen. And some mashed broccoli.

 I know, exciting stuff. I like the NYC stories better:) But that is why, my dear friends, I have been a little MIA over the past week. I will do my best not to let you down again, and post some more delightful posts for you to read. Hope you all are doing well and getting ready for a very awesome summer!

Summer Has Arrived

Hey hey kids!!! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Mine was great, I actually got out of work 2 hours early on Saturday and was able to watch the Belmont Stakes and see Americna Pharoah win the Triple Crown! Very cool stuff! I also was able to get to bed nice and early, so that I could enjoy my favorite place Sunday morning.

 The beach! Yes, it is now officially summer in my world as I made it to the ocean. The weather was perfect and the company was even better, as I got to spend some quality time with my neighbor!

  Despite the pained look on my face, I am having fun! After that is was my usual beer church fun, and then this morning was up early for a very sweaty gym session. 


 Those are my arms covered in sweat. It will certainly be a long summer in the gym! Yesterday also marked my longest run in a while, and best feeling one for sure. Not my old speedy self, but I was happy with the ease of which this run came!


 Slowly but surely I plan to reclaim my running greatness! I’ll be sure to keep you posted.

Errands were also on the agenda for my Monday, which included a fun new find!

  And no, they did NOT disappoint! I’ll have to hide the box to make sure I don’t devour them all!!!!

I also scored a sweet new shelf at the Salvation Armu store. I plan to get a little crafty and paint it to match my other pink decor in the living room!

  And for $8.50 it was a steal!

And that my friends, is my mini recap for you. Not much, but we know that I’m really not that exciting!!! Hope you all enjoy the rest of your Monday!